Flavor-Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Frantoio Augusto Infused oils are crafted with the same care as all of the Agostini family’s olive oils. Augusto and his family have traveled across the globe meeting growers and producers in search of the finest and most intense flavorings for each of the oils that bear the Augusto name.

As Augusto himself says: “ Flavors bring us back to happy times; to moments and places filled with new and old friends – for me, these are the flavors of life.”

So whether the aroma of garlic brings you back to grandma’s kitchen, the scent of basil transports you back to that memorable meal in Tuscany, or the heat and pungency of chilies make your mouth water, we’ve got a flavor-infused oil for you.

Each variety of flavor-infused oil is sold in an 8.5-ounce tin with convenient pull-up retractable and re-closable spout.