Ceppo Antico Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Ceppo Antico Extra Virgin Olive Oil 0103

Producer: Ligurian Cooperative

Proximity to the Mediterranean allows for the olive varietals in Liguria to ripen slowly without the risk of frost. The olives are picked almost two months later than most regions, when they’re purple-black, and have developed a mild sweetness. This is what gives Ceppo Antico, its very mild fruity flavor and a luxuriant texture.

Area: Albegna, Liguria

Olive(s): Rignola, Colombara and Taggiasca

Harvest: Early January 2016

Harvest Method: Hand-picked

Extraction Method: Cold press by stone mill within the first day of harvesting

Color Notes: Golden yellow

Tasting Notes: Light flavor, with aroma of sweet almond and faint floral notes.

We’re crazy about this olive oil for making fresh pesto, and for fresh mayonnaise or aioli. Its light and well-rounded flavor also make it perfect for baked goods, and for cooking fish like sea bass or halibut.
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Brand:Ligurian Cooperative
Milliliters/Ounces:500 ml/16.9 oz